Vincent van Gogh - Cows in the Meadow 1883

Cows in the Meadow
Cows in the Meadow
Oil on canvas on panel 31.5 x 44.0 cm. The Hague: August, 1883
Private collection

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. London, Friday, 20 February 1874.
My dear Theo,
Thanks for your letter. I don’t need the book yet, but send it back anyway when you’ve had time to read it. I haven’t read the book by Van Vloten, but I’d like to have it sometime. I’ve read another book on art by V. Vl. and didn’t agree with him completely, and it was really quite scholarly. Bürger is simpler, and everything he says is true. I’m glad you went to Amsterdam; thank Uncle Cor when you see him for the brochure he sent me.
I’m glad you’re so happy at the Rooses’; as I already asked Anna Carbentus to tell you, you’re completely right about pulling the carrot. I also agree with you about B.H., but beware of your heart, old chap.
Have you seen Mr Jacobson’s collection yet? It’s well worth while, he’ll no doubt ask you to come and see it sometime. Give him my regards, as politely as you can, and tell him that I’m doing well here and am seeing a lot of beautiful things.
I’m all right, I’m busy. Thank Willem for his letter and give my regards to everyone at the Rooses’ and Iterson, Jan and Piet, and anyone who asks after me. I wish you well.