Vincent van Gogh - Footbridge across a Ditch 1883

Footbridge across a Ditch
Footbridge across a Ditch
Oil on canvas 60.0 x 45.8 cm. The Hague: August, 1883
Private collection

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. London, Monday, 30 March 1874.
My dear Theo,
In a letter from Pa and Ma I got a guilder from you to buy a pair of cuff links. Many thanks, old chap, but you shouldn’t have done it, you need your money more than I do.
Thanks for your letter of this morning. I was very glad to hear that Mauve is engaged to Jet C. That’s wonderful. I’m glad that you’re so well.
It’s good that you’ve read the book by Bürger; read about art as much as possible, especially the Gazette des Beaux-Arts &c.
Above all, be sure to find out as much as possible about paintings. The Apol that we have here now is very beautiful, last year he painted a similar subject and I found it better and fresher than this one.
I’m glad that you go to Uncle Cor’s occasionally. You see things there that you never find at the gallery in The Hague.
I’m also busy at present and am glad of it, because that’s what I need.
Adieu, old chap, keep your chin up, and I wish you well. Give my regards to Van Iterson.