Vincent van Gogh - Potato Digging. Five Figures 1883

Potato Digging. Five Figures
Potato Digging. Five Figures
Oil on canvas 39.5 x 94.5 cm. The Hague: August, 1883
Private collection: Hamburg

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. London, Tuesday, 21 July 1874.
London, 21 July 1874. My dear Theo,
Yesterday a crate was sent to The Hague in which I put a photo of a J. Maris and also ‘The landlady’s daughter’ I promised, both of which I hope you’ll hang up in your room.
There’s a photo in the same crate of a Thijs Maris for Mr Tersteeg. Schüller at Paris sent me 6 copies of both, which I needed in order to give away. I can’t spare another of the Thijs Maris.
Anna and I arrived in London safe and sound, and will manage here somehow. I’m not saying that we’ll find something quickly, but each day that she’s here she learns something, and in any case I believe there’s more chance of her finding something here than in Holland.
It’s wonderful for me to walk with her through the streets in the evening; I then find everything here just as beautiful as I did when I first arrived. I wish you well, old chap, and give my regards to the Rooses, Haanebeeks and Carbentuses if you see any of them.
I’m learning to swim.
Write to me whether you’ve begun reading Michelet and what you think of it. That book was a revelation to me. Adieu,
Regards from Anna.