Vincent van Gogh - Cottages 1883

Oil on canvas 35.5 x 55.5 cm. Nieuw-Amsterdam: mid September-mid November, 1883
Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. London, between Monday, 4 January and Friday, 5 March 1875.
My dear Theo,
I’ve filled your little book and I believe it’s turned out well. Send me The cliff by Jules Breton when you get the chance.
Our gallery is now finished and it’s beautiful, we have many beautiful things at the moment: Jules Dupré, Michel, Daubigny, Maris, Israëls, Mauve, Bisschop, &c. We’re going to hold an exhibition in April. Mr Boussod has promised to send us the best that can be had: Malaria by Hébert, The cliff by J. Breton, &c. I’d like so much to have you here, we must make sure that it happens sometime. I’d like so much to show you my room &c. There’s a beautiful exhibition of old art here, including a large Descent from the Cross by Rembrandt, 5 large figures at twilight, you can imagine the sentiment. 5 Ruisdaels, 1 Frans Hals, Van Dyck. A landscape with figures by Rubens, a landscape, an autumn evening, by Titian. 2 portraits by Tintoretto and beautiful old English art, Reynolds, Romney and Old Crome, landscape, magnificent. Adieu, I’ll send your little book at the first opportunity. Write to me soon.