Vincent van Gogh - Dunes with Figures 1882

View of the Sea at Scheveningen
Dunes with Figures
Oil on canvas on panel 24.0 x 32.0 cm.
The Hague: August 1882
Bern: Private collection

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. The Hague, Friday, 9 May 1873.
My dear Theo,
On Monday morning I’ll leave Helvoirt for Paris, passing through Brussels at 2:07. Do come to the station if you can; it would give me great pleasure. Before I forget, yesterday I showed your portrait to Mrs Tersteeg, and she would like very much to have one. Would you have a chance to get another one and send it to me? If you can’t do it now, try to think of it some other time. Theo, you have no idea how kind to me they all are here; you can imagine how sorry I am to have to part from so many friends.
Adieu, old chap, give my warm regards to Uncle and Aunt. Goodbye for now.
Find out whether you have to be at the Station du Nord or du Midi.