Vincent van Gogh - Windmill on Montmartre 1886

Windmill on Montmartre 1886
Windmill on Montmartre
Oil on canvas 46.5 x 38.0 cm. Paris: Autumn, 1886
Destroyed by fire in 1967

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. The Hague, on or about Monday, 7 May 1883.
My dear Theo,
You’ll be busy with the Salon — I deliberately kept a stamp so that I could write to you again if need be.
I’ve written to friend Rappard, but no answer yet of course — in normal circumstances he sometimes waits a month before replying.
If you’re hard pressed, send less than the usual if need be, but send it as soon as possible. I’ve made an appointment with Van der Weele to go painting in the dunes next week. He’s to explain some things I don’t yet know about.
I worked in the dunes these last few days but I long for a model, I can’t get on otherwise.
In short, I’m a little worried. So write as soon as possible — apart from that, I’m making fairly good progress with the work, and I believe you would approve of some of the drawings I’m working on.
I hope things go your way a bit, old chap — for I understand that things are difficult for you too. Good fortune with everything — adieu, I must start work — outdoors.
Ever yours,

I’ll write to you in more detail about a few things soon. The woman appears to have something that’s connected to what I told you about her mother, it may be nothing, it may be something. I don’t know myself as yet, but I’m worried about this too. Write soon, old chap — for it’s very nasty to be completely broke. And makes small things become malignant sometimes.